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Balibo Fort Veterans’ Museum

Timor-Leste’s history is shaped by conflict and sacrifice. The Balibo Fort Veterans’ Museum highlights the contribution veterans have made to this history. Memorialising the fallen and those who served is an important part of nationhood.

Balibo House Trust

Balibó House Trust. The trust works to honour the memories of the Balibó Five by enriching the lives and livelihoods of the community.

Marobo Hot Spring

Marobo lies on the border between the Ermera and Bobonaro provinces in Timor-Leste. There are hot springs hidden in this remote place with a stunning mountain backdrop.

Natural Cave

Visit the Duane Natural Cave Timor Leste about 20 minute walk from Balibo Fort Hotel guided by the local guide.

Trail Walk

Enjoy a 75 minute guided walk through the Stations of the Cross and into the mountains north of Balibo. The Gruta Morutau walk leads through the mountains with spectacular views of Atambua, Indonesia

Events to Remember...

Balibo Five Anniversary

“This is a reminder to us that every conflict involves the loss and destruction of people. Our conflict started in August of 1975 and went until 1999. During this time, many people had made the ultimate sacrifice, in the struggle for auto-determination. Timorese people had fought for their natural right for life for 25 years,” CNC Director Hugo Fernandes at the first day of the event at Balibo Municipality.

Corpo Cristo Feast

Festival Santissimo Corpo Cristo (20 June,yearly) The festival Santissimo Corpo Cristo Feast of Corpus Christi is a Catholic liturgical solemnity celebrating the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. There is a holy mass. Expect to see processions from church Balide to Moument Nain-Feto Lesidere, Dili.

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